What is the Billboard?

The billboard gives your local Black Hills community a way to provide craftsman services to consumers as well as bridging the relationship between local consumers and area craftsmen; a place where consumers and craftsmen can come together to mutually benefit each other.

RCG also provides the billboard as a member service to the Black Hills Home Builder Association. This service not only promotes local, recurring work for Home Builder Association members, but also inherently helps promote the the Home Builder Association and it's ability to grow in membership.

Getting Started

To get started, post a job and create a billboard account today! Your billboard account helps us to notify you when craftsmen show interest in your posted jobs, show you qualified craftsmen for your projects and helps you to keep track of the projects you're currently working on!

Getting Results

Once you create your account and post your first job, you will have access to craftsmen in the Black Hills area. As long as you have an active posted job (jobs expire in 2 weeks of no activity), you can access our growing list of craftsmen at any time. You can always view the list of available craftsmen by using the View Craftsmen option at the top of the billboard.

To get best results, make sure to contact multiple craftsmen with regards to your posted job(s). The more you contact, the more craftsmen that will be aware of your job and the faster your job will get completed!